Introduction to the Business At The Speed Of Sell Podcast



I would like to personally welcome you to the business at the speed of sell podcast and this introduction.

I chose the name Business at the Speed of Sell because this is a Podcast about business but specifically about how do we speed up our business and how do we speed up our ability to sell.

If you’re not able to sell then, you do not have a real business you have a hobby, or you have a business on its way out of business.

The Podcast is produced daily, and most of the episodes will be between ten and fifteen minutes long. Giving us time to cover some great content without being a major burden on your daily schedule.

So Anthony, Why are you doing this podcast? Well, That is a really good question.

I am doing the Podcast for two reasons:

I believe the best way to learn to grow your business or to learn anything worthwhile in life is to immerse yourself in it.

I do that by listening to a lot of podcasts. I create a lot of podcasts, but I also listen to a lot of podcasts as well.

It is great to listen to podcasts that give you a new Tip, Trick or Technique for doing something better. But what I also find is it is often time more valuable to be reminded of things I already know but might have forgotten or may have just stopped doing.

As we get busy, we sometimes forget what I call the block and tackling and fundamentals of building a successful business.

We sometimes get out there running around chasing some shiny objects and doing things that are maybe not as productive as they need to be.

So I am one of those people that need to hear constantly again and again the things I am supposed to be focused on.

So I listen to these podcasts again and again, and they are very very valuable to me. So I am creating the podcasts for me, but I also want to provide value to you, my loyal listener.

I could just record these podcasts and keep them to myself. I record over 40 podcasts before I even decided to publish these podcasts to the public. I have listened to each of them multiple times, and they have been very helpful. Because there is so much value in these podcasts I want to share them with you.

Now keep in mind that because I am creating these podcasts for my team and me to use so this is some of my best stuff.

I am not going to worry about giving away too many secrets or if I give you something for free that you would have been willing to pay for.

There will be plenty of time for selling later. This is a podcast about sells, right?

I honestly believe if I pour my heart and mind into these podcasts my team, and I will continue to get a lot of value out of them. You will get a lot of value out of them as well.

Later on if I do ask you to buy something from me you will already know the value I have provided you. You will know what kind of value you can expect to get out of my other products and services.

I do however want to ask you for something. I would like to ask you to give me lots of feedback; positive or negative.

If it is positive, please post it on the Business at the Speed of Sell Facebook page or on the Business at the Speed of Sell website. If it is negative, please email it to me at, so I have a chance to make changes and improvements.

I am focused on putting great content out there and not so much focused on having a pretty podcast. So I know for fact there will be areas that over time will need improvement. So Please provide your feedback, comments and suggestions both positive and negative so that I can continuously make this podcast better.

And lastly if you have any questions please got to and leave me a voice mail message with your name, the name of your business or website and your question. If your question is something, I think all the listeners would benefit from I will play your voicemail on the show and answer your question.

If you don’t have a question but still want the chance to get a little free advertising.  Leave me a voicemail with your name, the name of your business and the opening to the show. Which is “Your listening to the Business at the Speed of Sell Podcast” so it would go something like this:

“ This is Anthony Flatt from and you’re listening to the business at the Speed of Sell Podcast.”

Doing this is a way for me to change things up a bit and provide you some free valuable advertising.

Throughout these podcasts, you’re going to hear me talking about taking action, taking massive action. That is what we all need to do.

It never seems to fail that everyone seems to think everyone else is going to be the one to take action. I call this the “penguin effect”.

Watching nature shows, you will see the penguins in Antarctica all standing on the edge of the iceberg all looking at the water. Many of them looking like they might jump in, but none of them does. Not until one penguin gets a little brave and reluctantly dives in, and then two more dive in, then 5, then ten then they all start diving in by the hundreds.

So don’t be the reluctant penguin be the leader in everything you do and take action, take massive action.

If you have a question for Anthony, head over to and leave him a voicemail message to have a chance to have your question featured on this show.

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