Episode #2 Ethical Bribes


In order to get customers to purchase your products you may need them to do certain things to get to know you first. Whether it is giving you their (correct) email address, visiting your website, attending a Webinar or some other call to action.

If you want a customer or potential customer to attend a FREE Webinar; how do you get them to attend? Well most people just ask them to attend and that is one of the many reasons so many Webinars fail.

Saying “I have really good content so they will show up” is not going to do it. You might have the best content in the world but unless they attend your Webinar they will never know it. You telling them it is great content is not enough.

You need to have a reason for them to attend your Webinar or do your call to action. I give them a reason with what I call an “Ethical Bribe”. The better the bribe the better the “take rate”.


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