Episode #4 Value Ladder


In business have conducted seminars, webinars, coaching, mentoring people, selling training video courses, and creating Amazon Kindle Books but I really didn’t understand how these islands of business really went together.

If you provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price you can usually get a customer to buy something from you once. But why do we as business people stop there, settling for one sale at a time. It is a lot easier to sell something to a customer that just bought something than it is to invest in getting another customer.

The concept of The Value Ladder teaches us that people who want to learn about a specific subject will go to great lengths to learn about their subject. Buying all kinds of products to support their need to learn about their subject. Be it Hunting, Bowling, Making Money Online, or How To Tie Hair Bows. “Buyers are buyers”, like a wild animal in heat it’s all they think about. When the time passes it is gone. Learn how The Value Ladder applies to everyday business.

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