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Launch Your Podcast in Six Weeks or Less

Breaking News! Special Announcement Episode – Launch Your Podcast in Six Weeks or Less

Date:   July 7, 2015

Anthony first launched his podcast a little over two months ago and in that time, it has published over 85 Episodes, steadily grown to about 3,500 downloads so far, has reached #12 on the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and he has doubled his listeners from month one to month two.

Launching the podcast was not easy and growing it has not been easy either.   He studied for over 2 years on how to start a podcast and he still struggled like crazy to get it launched.

Why?  Because no matter how many tutorials you read or watch, there are still so many details and specifics that you’re not going to know.

He searched the internet for as many answers as he could find and learned by trial and error.

What he really needed was someone to just help him.

But, he just wasn’t prepared to fork out thousands for tutorials, group training or even more money for one-to-one personal coaching.

BUT, working on one-on-one was what he needed; it would have made launching so much easier, and that’s what he is offering in his new Podcast Bootcamp Program.

His goal is to launch Podcast Bootcamp in 90 days with 6 to 8 testimonials and success stories.

That’s why he’s willing to invest about $6k of his personal time to help you get your podcast launched.

All About Podcast Bootcamp Program

Over the next 6 weeks, Anthony will work with you one-on-one to help you launch your podcast and teach you everything he’s learned in the last 2 years of studying plus everything he did to launch his podcast.

Here are some of the essentials that you’ll cover:

  • How to pick a topic
  • How to brand it with the right name and the right type of logo
  • How to determine the format and structure
  • The pros and cons of short, informational podcasts at 5 to 15 minutes vs. longer,  interview-type podcasts around 35-45 minutes each
  • How to research and plan your content so that it’s interesting and entertaining to your listener
  • How to record, broadcast and edit it yourself OR how to effectively and efficiently outsource those steps
  • How to grow your audience into a large list of listeners
  • How to monetize your podcast
  • How to get your current listeners to send you questions that you can answer for the benefit of all the listeners
  • How to make sure that your listeners don’t just listen, but subscribe
  • Why iTunes “new and noteworthy” is so important and how to ensure you rank high in that category
  • How to use a Virtual Admin to grow your “Reviews and Ratings” and how to use ethical bribes to keep that going
  • Why interviewing someone with a major social following can have a huge impact on your podcast
  • Why you should launch with more than one episode (in the can)
  • How to segment your content so that you don’t just ramble on without purpose
  • Why you should have a publishing schedule and why you should have backup podcasts (in the can)
  • How to get your intro music and intro/outro voiceovers done professionally without breaking the bank
  • How to decide what graphics you need and how to get them done at a very reasonable price
  • Why promoting it is oftentimes like giving CPR to Frankenstein
  • How often you should release episodes and should there be variation in your release days and # of episodes
  • Deciding what equipment you need, everything from a studio all the way down to just using a laptop and a microphone.
  • And many, many more!!!

The Podcast Bootcamp Program

You’ll start off with a one-on-one 2-hour strategy call.

Then, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in constant communication via text and Skype for the next week while you execute the plan with his help.

You’ll then have follow-up 2-hour calls each of the next 5  weeks as your launch progresses.

Additionally, there will be Six 2-hour completely interactive webinar training sessions either one-on-one or small group format where he will teach and review with you all of the aspects of launching your podcast

These webinar sessions will be recorded for you to keep to continually review and refer to.

He’ll also teach you “Crazy Anthony” social media techniques that he used to get fourty-seven 5-star ratings and reviews on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

The goal is for you to launch within four weeks and use the remaining two weeks for marketing and promoting.

During this time, he will co-host a podcast with you or he will agree to do an interview on your podcast and/or he will promote your podcast on his show.

And, last but not least, you’ll continue to help each other long after the launch with his private Facebook and Skype podcast groups.

The Podcast Bootcamp Cost Breakdown

Let’s add this up.

  • Six 2-hour personal one-on-one conference calls +
  • Six more 2-hour webinar training sessions +
  • Constant communication via text and Skype during launch +
  • Continuing that communication with him via private groups post-launch

This is 25-30 hours of his personal time.

When Anthony does consulting for industry analysts and business executives, he typically charges a minimum of $200 per hour.

That comes to about $5K to $6K of his time

BUT, he wasn’t interested in spending that amount of money to launch his podcast and you shouldn’t be either, although the value of what you’re learning is worth that investment.

Anthony’s time is very limited, but if you’re 100% committed to launching your podcast and you’re willing to give him a testimonial and be one of his success stories, he’s willing to give you over a 90% discount and help you get started today for a one- time fee of $497.  No additional fees and no on-going payments, just $497.

If you’re not sure you want to launch a podcast or if this price is an issue for you AT ALL, let’s let someone else have your spot.  Anything less than 100% commitment is not going to work.

If you ARE that person who’s 100% committed, who’s ready to launch, who’s excited to start podcasting, click on the payment link and then send him a confirmation via Skype ID at anthonyflatt and we’ll get your first call scheduled.

Anthony’s Guarantee

The topics above are just some of the subjects that are covered in Podcast Bootcamp Program.  There’s a lot more we did not list here.

Anthony wants to see you launch your Podcast and, he wants the reviews and testimonials so there is no way he’s going to let you fail!  If you truely want to launch a Podcast then you will succeed with The Podcast Bootcamp Program!



If you have a question for Anthony, head over to and leave him a voicemail message to have a chance to have your question featured on this show.

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