Episode #21 Whats in a name Domain name that is


A Domain Name is the virtual street address of your company, product or service. When you’re starting out you need to find a domain name that truly represents the type of business or industry that you are in, online. My personal favorite company selling domain names is domaincheap.com. I’ve been using it for close to 10 years and their prices are very competetive and easy to setup. Before you get things printed out on your business cards, shirts, signs or whatever make sure that the domain name that you have in mind is still available. My personal susggestion is, make a list of the names that you want to represent your company online before anything else. Then, when you finally get to see what domain name is available also purchase the domain name with a “.com” and try to get the “.net“. The “.com” domain names are easier to remember for people since they are very common. I recommend that you buy the “.net” and the “.org” because when you get to grow your brand, you don’t want your competitors to syphon the traffic from your company to the website that they are going to create.

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