Episode #23 Asking for Donations versus Selling a Product


Today, we will learn the difference between Asking for a Donation versus Selling a Product. We have lots of non-profits businesses seeking funding out there all the way from United Way, Red Cross. I’m the chairman of Team Georgia, USA Wrestling, actually the corporate name is the Georgia Amateur Wrestling Association. We’re a non-profit organization but we never went out and ask for funding or donation or corporate support or federal support to organize our events. We’ve always raised our money buy building our product. One of our products is promoting youth wrestling tournaments. We run these tournaments in high-school gyms, the high-school coach and wrestling teams or the youth wrestling teams are the host and they usually make most, if not, all the money. We have always organized our events by raising money for a good cause and not simply seeking donations. I think you will have a better chance of making money by selling something for a good cause rather than simply asking money for help. There’s something psychological about having an exchange of receiving and giving rather than simply asking and receiving. Learn more when you listen to this podcast.

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