Episode #27 Put me in Coach


Everyone could use a coach. Some people want to start a business, get a business coach. Those who want to have a better touch of their spirituality, get a spirituality coach and those who like to excel in their sport, say boxing, get a boxing coach. Getting a coach provides benefits to you as a learner when you’re learning or trying something for the first time. You can find a lot of coaches out there. Most of the time a coach will choose his student before confirming he can mentor you on a “coaching project” but you also have to match yourself to a coach. This means that you have the opportunity to look for a coach whom you think best suits you and your style, thinking, strategy, etc. There are a lot of coaches out there who say that they made 100 million last year and you expect that the results will be the same for you. It can either be two things, it’s hyped-up marketing or it’s really up to you to do that well. The bottom line here is, try finding somebody who knows better than you. Instead of starting this later, you can start it now. The sooner that you start, the sooner that you can get the results that you expect.

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