Episode #31 Iron Sharpens Iron


In this episode we will learn the concept of “iron sharpens iron”. If you have somebody who’s at the same skill level or above, that you’re learning from, that you’re training with, that you’re helping teach to get better, then your skills are going to improve and their skills will improve. If you are in a relationship where there’s a person who’s more capable and the other being less capable, the more capable one will likely bring up the other to his higher level. If you seek to be better train with people at your level or above which makes things tougher and lets you try harder to get out of your norm.

How business partnerships can bring out the best in each contributor

If you look at sports you’ll often find that our most successful sports stars come from families where there’s more than one sibling in a specific sport.

You find this because these individuals have the opportunity to train with and compete with each other.  They both excel together.

In other words, if you have someone at your same level or above that you’re learning from and that you’re working with, then both parties’ skills improve.


Business Relevancy

When you get involved in business partnerships and relationships, you need to make sure you’re within a group of people that are at your level or above.

Every single party there needs to be able to bring ‘something’ to the table.

If you can partner with another individual for a project or an event or other business endeavor, and you’re equally capable in different areas, this is an amazing opportunity.

Because together you are ‘more’ than you are individually AND

Each party is learning and developing new-found capabilities and skills.

Remember that a lot of partnerships are not necessarily going to work out. This is not a bad thing.

If your partner is not delivering on ABC expectations, it’s okay to walk away.

Take away what you learned and move on.

Go and find another partnership and now you have something more to bring to the table, a new skill or at the very least a lesson learned from the experience.

It’s like a relay track event.   You might go through 3 or 4 different partners before you get the skills and capabilities that you want and need to be able to do these things yourself.

Partnerships are also a way for you to accelerate your learning.

Many people think they’re going to learn all they ever need to know about starting, owning and running business at some point and once they figure that out, THEN they will start their business.

That is so wrong.

You really need to go out and just start.

You don’t know what you want or need until you do something.  You have to get out there and start trying some things. You’re going to learn things in the process.

If you’re looking for ways to partner with people, go out to the different forums and websites social media platforms and be active.

You can even post on there that you are actively looking for partnerships.

Just remember to have them set-up so that they’re loosely defined.

This way, you can come together and split ways very easily if it doesn’t work out.

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