Episode #36 The Money Is In The Marketing


Marketing is not something that we do in just one or two shots and expect people to love your business, sky-rocketing your sales. Marketing is more than that. From my experience, I also start with a good marketing campaign and when the marketing start to die down so does my campaigns. It takes a series of campaigns before your advertising message actually sticks to your customers minds. People I know have gathered better results in their marketing just by being aggressive in their campaigns. Listen to this podcast and understand more about how you can gain more sales through strong marketing.

“If you haven’t received an email complaining by noon each day you’re not marketing hard enough”.*

If no one is complaining about too much marketing, you may believe that your customers are happy but it may just be that they’re paying too much attention to your competitors who are marketing much more aggressively.  Your competitors may be making more money on a per- product basis because they’re being more persistent.

Today, Anthony discusses misconceptions in marketing.

Marketing Aggressively

Marketing aggressively doesn’t mean irritating your customers but you DO need to be persistent.

It is better to be consistent than to be constantly re-creating your marketing campaigns and products.

Developing an effective marketing campaign takes time and thought so why not use it instead of spending time re-creating a product that is already good and could be making you money.

If you are not seeing the results that you wanted or expected, it may be that you are not marketing ENOUGH.

People are rarely successful long-term by “just” putting a product on the market and having it sell like wildfire.

You need to do follow-ups and multiple contacts.

A customer needs to see a message 6-12 times before they really internalize it.

Consistency means providing similar, high-quality content at regular intervals.  If you do it monthly, always do it at the same time each month.  The same goes for weekly, etc.  You need to build that brand awareness with your customers.

Final Thought

“People don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

If you start treating people like wallets they’re going to resent you.

Don’t do this to your customers. 

Marketing aggressively doesn’t mean filling your customer’s inbox with junk. That will get you nowhere. 

Provide VALUABLE, HIGH QUALITY content and information to your customers.

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