Episode #40 I Love Internet Marketing Spam Emails


Internet marketing spam emails are just one of the things that we simply love to hate. It’s just so prevalent that most, if not all, of us get them every single day. Our email providers have been so tight on spam emails that every now and then even our legitimate emails get filtered. I get this problem all the time. However, I have to differ how I about spams at some point. In fact, I love internet marketing spam emails. Yes, I totally love them – I love them very much! Listen to this podcast if you really want to know why.


What do I do with all this spam?

Don’t automatically throw away all of your internet marketing emails! They are very valuable sales tools. .

The Value Of Internet Marketing “Spam”

They’re great for business people to have and to learn from.

When you collect enough emails over time, you can profile their approaches.

Look at their sales copy.

How frequently do they send them?  What days?  How many per day?

How many emails do they send when they are promoting an offer?

Click on the links to see the sales copy on the product page(s).

You are looking to see what the email is trying to get you to watch or buy or whatever the call-to-action is.

If they have included a video that you really like, download it.  When Anthony finds one he likes, he will pull out the audio and have it transcribed so he can go through later and keep the parts of the sales copy he really likes.

Don’t rip people off, but there’s nothing wrong with modeling.

If the marketer is doing something successful  and it’s working, you want to have the same approach.


How to Utilize the “Spam”  

Sign up for as many lists as you can from scrupulous marketers, even some corporations.

There’s a reason WHY big companies like Target and Pizza Hut still use email marketing. Is it as effective as it used to be? No. But it’s still very effective.

Go back through your “Spam”  for free webinars.  A webinar is used to get people enthusiastic about buying a product or a service so very often it is full of the “best stuff” that the marketer has on offer.

If you do buy something, you can turn on Camtasia (https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html) and record the entire process of your purchase.

By recording the process you go repeat it step-by-step to really analyze the data and the sales funnel.

If you’re “stuck” while writing an email, you can go back through your emails of people that you follow in your field and niche.

Some of my favorites are:

Russell Brunson  (www.russellbrunson.com)

John Thornhill  (www.johnthornhill.com)

Ryan Deiss  (www.ryandeiss.com)

Bill McIntosh (www.billmcintosh.com)


Today’s Take-Away

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

There’s a reason that certain internet marketers are very successful.  They have a good strong message in their email marketing and that email has probably been tested before it even gets to you. Don’t just guess-start with something that works. 

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