Episode #42 Buyers List Building with Affiliates


Building a buyers list may be done in different ways. I, for one, have built my list in a very different way. I built my list by helping people on stuff and just doing the best I could to lend a helping hand. So, I sent them different things like content, videos and other information, then started to collect emails. What I found out was that people got very aggravated that I was trying to sell them something. I thought it would be better to sell to people who you don’t know. So how do try to sell to people who you don’t know at all? So this is where affiliates come in. You need to learn how to effectively use affiliates to not only make sales but also create a buyers list which you can use over and again.

Are you struggling with being able to build a REAL buyer’s list?

When I first started out, I started “building a list” just by helping people and collecting emails and sending them out.  As people contacted me, I started getting “Frequently Asked Questions”, so I started creating audio responses because it was easier than sending repetitive emails.  I could then send the audio to multiple people.

BUT, when I tried to market to that list, these people were aggravated that someone was trying to “sell” them.  I was dumbfounded. It turns out that what he had was NOT a list of buyers but a list of “freebie seekers”.

You need a “Buyer’s List”, not a Leads List in any industry, whether online or offline. Let’s talk about how you get there.


You use affiliates and you pay them a very high percentage of the initial sales.  I will be happy to pay affiliates 50-100% commission because I plan to keep selling higher-priced items directly to those customers in the future.

Its simple-the more you pay the more the affiliate, the more they are going to pitch for you. For example, you sell a book for $7 through an affiliate and you give the affiliate the entire $7. You’ve actually lost a little money on that, but then you’re going to contact those customers directly and offer another, higher priced product.

The faster you can build a buyer’s list the better off you are so don’t be afraid to give your affiliates 100% for your lower-priced “introductory” items.



Create high-value products.

They need to be high value.  If you slap together low-value items, not only are the customers going to ask for refunds and complain, they are also going to complain to the affiliate. Good affiliates have multiple offers to choose from and now they are no longer going to work aggressively on your behalf. You will lose access to them.

Sometimes, I struggle with this because I spend a lot of time building high-value items but offer them for a lower price so that the affiliates are successful and keep promoting for me.  In the end, though, this is the most productive path.

My products are a combination of E-books, audio and video.

Regarding E-books, they are on a slightly downward trend because too many people sold very low-quality e-books for prices higher than they should have and customers are more wary now.   So, if you’re going to do an E-book, make sure it’s HIGH quality and lower-priced. Mine are usually around 100 pages of reasonable spacing and typescript, about 20-25K words.  If you price that around $5-7, that’s a good value for the customer.

A lot of online marketers sell audio files but when the customer purchases them, they are sent to a general website where they click on a link to watch.  This is a low-perceived value.

Instead, create your audio and video series on a membership site. When a customer logs into a membership site, you have their full attention. It is ALL about YOU and you can offer all of your other products/services.

My goal is to be able to deliver 10x the value in a product as compared to the cost.  That means if my product is $7-he wants the “real” value and substance to be worth $70.00.

Sometimes, I will offer free webinars with a purchase of an upsell.  That means if a customer has purchased/was going to purchase the audio, but they upgrade to the video, they get a free webinar which is additional perceived value.

            Offers a free webinar with the video series.

            If you upgrade to the video package you also get access to the webinar.


A Final Thought

If you’re focused on the fact that you’re not getting a big enough portion of a $7 introductory item, you’re not thinking of the big picture. 

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