Episode #43 The Glass Ceiling Is Real


A couple of days ago I had a conversation about how different people perceive you in different ways People have this mental image of you and that image often difficult to change once engraved in their minds. This tells a lot about how people excel or stagnate based on the eyes of other people around them. This is reputation building that determines how other people define you in their minds.

Why can’t you get certain people to respond to you or see you in a different light?

How people perceive you in different circumstances and how they build a mental image of who you are and what you’re about can be very difficult to change.

Everyone you meet and interact with through your life hold certain images of you.   These people include your parents, your neighbors and your co-workers.

Here’s a real-life example: 

You’re in your “day job” and an opportunity comes open above you. You apply and you get passed over.  This may happen a few times.  It happens all the time in business.  The problem is that, whether they want to admit or not, your superiors have an impression of who you are and can’t see you in a different role.   It doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job- in fact, it might mean the opposite. You may be really good at doing this “thing” in your area of expertise.  They don’t want to move you and lose someone that does a good job at what they’re already doing and have to replace you.


The Glass Ceiling From the Outside

In your business outside of your “day job”, when you’re trying something new, your biggest critics are often those that know you best. Sometimes it’s not intentional.  Your current circle of influence is probably not going to jump on board, especially if you have failed at previous projects.  They always hold the image that you couldn’t succeed previously.

MY ADVICE:  I would not go on an new venture and bring them with you.

Instead, get in and around people who are doing the same thing as you.  Learn to be that.  Model yourself after successful people in your new project/endeavor.

The Glass Ceiling From the Inside

Anthony has many childhood friends that are living the same life as before, from when they were much younger, and haven’t accomplished anything.

When he has tried to encourage them, the responses he gets are dumbfounding.

They think that he has this job “out of luck” and that he has “it all” by not working hard.

That way of thinking is why these people will never be successful.

What’s the take-away from today?

The only way to break this glass ceiling is by doing something different and surrounding yourself with others on your same path.   If you’ve done the same thing, or nothing, different to grow and progress, you will never break the glass ceiling you’re living under. Likewise-do not surround yourself with people who will not support you in breaking that glass ceiling.  Instead, seek out those who wish to break it WITH you.

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