Episode #44 Promoting Your Brand


If you want to know how you can get your brand out to the internet world, the answer are digital assets. Digital assets include things like emails, audios, videos, eBooks, trainings, music, and just countless more which provide value to your customers. Of course you don’t know your customers but you have an idea who are your typical customers are.

How do I get our brand out in the internet “world” and what is the best way to approach this process?

Today, I will answer a listener question from Brett Castler at Southern Apparel Company.

Offer Something of Value

A lot of people will tell you to have a web presence and a social presence.

But, specifically, you need to build some digital assets.   What are they?

They can be anything from E-books to audio/video presentations to blog posts.  Also included are webinars and graphic banners.

You want to put these digital assets, especially your webinars and other audio/video presentations on a CD/DVD to offer to your potential customers (see Anthony’s Episode 42 for more on CD/DVD production)

In today’s day and age, customers are so inundated with information. They don’t’ really want to be “sold”.

Many people will tell you to drive a sales message and make a commercial but what you really need to do is ENGAGE with your potential customers.  When you build a relationship with them, you will grow trust and they will buy from you based on that.

How Do You Know What’s Valuable to a Potential Customer?

You need to know your typical customer and you need to know who your perfect customer should be.

You need to ask yourself: What is their pain or their challenge that I can help fix?

In this case, your customer needs sporting apparel.  Start basing your value products around what you can do for them specifically in that arena.

How Do You Implement This?

Once you start creating these digital assets, get them into your customer’s hands as soon as possible.  They need to be assest that your customer sees as valuable

Keep reading for more valuable tips….

Let’s niche this down.  You’re in sporting apparel so let’s talk about kid’s sporting events.  If a potential customer were running an event, what would be valuable to them?

They might need some tips and tricks.  This is where YOU come in.  What could you give them of value, which they don’t pay for, that will start to build a relationship with them?

Ex:       get an expert to interview on a webinar or a phone interview.  Then take that audio and put it on your website and/or package it for distribution.

Then you can start to expand on that.  You could start running a regular interview series, you could interview participants AT events, etc.   Finding interviews is not difficult: most people like to talk about their passions and expertise.

Other examples: 

PDF checklist for hiring an apparel vendor for an event.

PDF checklist for designing a sports uniform

A blog post series on local sporting events


Some Final Thoughts

People can tell you to work on getting a website and building SEO.  But, what are your customers doing when they get there? if you’re only driving traffic there to sell you won’t build a relationship. 

Know your target customer-it will help you create valuable digital assets to engage with them.

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