Episode #46 Whats Your Vector Victor


Who’s your target audience?

A lot of businesses make the mistake of not knowing who they’re selling to or perhaps they’re trying to sell to everyone. For them Market Share is like “my slice of the pie is all of it”. Their target customer is everyone. Remember this: If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one – If you’re targeting everyone, you’re not reaching anyone.
Your product or service has a specific set of capabilities, benefits and features that are valuable to a specific set of people. At the heart of your customer base, there is a target customer. An Avatar is the persona of your ideal customer. You need to have a very specific avatar in mind-even if that means having to give them a name, finding a picture in a magazine and posting it on a bulletin board.

Determine the demographics of your target customers. This means that you have to determine things like, income bracket, age, sex, religious orientations, educational level, among other things.

By identifying the educational level of your target customer, you will also understand if it’s a sound decision to sell them something at a certain price if you’re selling a $997 product and targeting a college student, you’re not going to have much luck. Their family life-are they young, single and urban? Or, are they a little older, in a relationship, have children and live in the suburbs?

Identify what is their goal with your product? What is currently keeping them from them achieving the goal your product is going to solve? What is their life going to look like AFTER they’ve used your product and solved their problem? When you really get to the pain points of your avatar is when you’re going to find the solution and how to present it to them.


Once you’ve answered all of the above questions and figured out your target customer, know that not every one of your potential customers is going to fit ALL of these parameters, but you can hone in on these factors and tailor your approaches to resonate with your audience.



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