Episode #47 Creating Your Custom Audience


You can build your custom audience to show your ads on facebook. By doing this you allow your sponsored or paid ads to show on a targeted audience based on a certain demographic, interest or location.

There’s a popular refrain in Online Marketing-“The Money’s in the List”.

While you can continually market to your online list, there are some additional strategies where you can really maximize that list.

Facebook ”Custom Audiences”

Using your Current List

You can submit a list of phone numbers or email addresses and Facebook matches these up to current accounts. Your ads appear on the right- hand side or their news feeds depending on what type of ad you buy.

Save in a csv file or a text file

Go to Ads Manager and select “Audiences” and choose “Create Audience”

Upload your CSV file and follow additional steps

*Note that all the steps are outlined in the “Help” section on Facebook’s site


Finding a New Audience

This is even better! You can send targeted ads to potential customers that are like your existing audience.

You can tell Facebook to look for a “lookalike” audience. It will search for accounts that have similar profiles and have the same likes, interests, and habits.

And, here’s where this can get really interesting…

You can purchase lists of targeted emails or phone #’s and  use them as your FB custom audience and then do a “lookalike” audience based on those.

And, to add even one more level to this, you can take a list compiled from LinkedIn and export that to create a custom audience and then a “lookalike” audience.

What’s great about using Facebook “Custom Audiences” is that the ads are really quite non-intrusive.  You’re not going to get an angry customer complaining about overuse of e-mail contact.


Let’s Talk About LinkedIn

Competitor Stalking

Go and connect with your competitors-about 7 or 8 out 10 times they will connect back.

Look at their profile and all of their connections and make connections to those people.

I keep my connections hidden but 95% of the users on LinkedIn don’t know how to do that, aren’t aware that you can do that or don’t bother to do that.

Another strategy is to go anywhere where your target audiences would go “hang out”.

Look for groups that are in your target audience’s industry or “community”.  Go check out the connections in those groups.

Don’t exclude people because of their titles.

There are a wealth of people on the site who will give you valuable information about your competitor’s audiences and they’re not all CEO’s and Executive Management.

Once you’ve come up with your target list, import it into Facebook.


A Quick Tip about Using Facebook for Business

When you’re looking for new fans on Facebook (this is separate from the custom audiences), make it a goal to only reach out to people on Facebook with common connections and interests. Anthony connects to people who build products similar and complementary to his.  Also, only reach out to people who have around 100 connections in common with you.

Otherwise, you’re really just wasting your energy and time–if they have nothing in common with you, your product and service is not going to resonate with them and you won’t be able to build a relationship with them, which is completely the point of reaching out.

*Make sure you listen to my Podcast #46 on creating your target customer*


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