Episode #48 ADD EFG and The Rest of the Alphabet


We are created with certain strengths and limitations. I, for one, had a certain limitation that you will find out in this podcast. Many people would try to say to you that you have to change this part of yourself and be something else who is not you. However, you yourself know better. You need to learn how to go around your limitations and achieve what you want and need to achieve. Finish what you have started and just get there.

Not everything that makes you who are you needs to be changed

Today, I want to about working and living with ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder

Throughout my life, I had trouble focusing on any one thing for an extended period of time, a classic sign of ADD.   I didn’t necessarily realize that I had it- I recognized it when doctors diagnosed it in my son.

At several points in my life, I would be told that I needed to do things “this way” or “that way” and I read several self-help books on organization, etc.  But, at the end of the day, I was unhappy and I wasn’t working optimally because I was forcing himself to be someone I was not.

My “office” looks more like a lab-instead of being a single desk and workspace, I have a horseshoe setup that allows me to work on this thing, move to the next, so on and so forth.

I also go to sleep early and start my day around 4 a.m.  because that’s when I can best focus-it is quiet and there are no distractions.

Why Talk About This?

You need to realize that you don’t necessarily need to change everything you’re doing just because others think you’re doing it “wrong”.

If it’s working for you and you are being productive, than THAT is how you work-there’s no need to be like everyone else.  You’re not.  You’re YOU.

Learn to use your capabilities.  If you, like me, start your day at 4 a.m., then do it.  By noon, I’m done a full day’s worth of work, when most other people are just “revving up”.

A lot of smart people do have ADD-what is happening is that your brain is firing faster than what you can process.  This can get very distracting if you don’t work WITH it.  If you need to, take a break, run an errand, engage in physical activity, and come back non-distracted.

I want to encourage you to deal with and address your challenges and make the most of them.


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