Episode #54 Promoting a Successful Product To A New Market


Identifying your market is one of the most important thing you can do for your business to be successful. By doing so, you are able to understand key areas of your business and your customers or even the market itself. Many people would consider making a SWOT Analysis which is an acronym for Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats. The process of creating such analysis enables you to see the bigger picture, anticipating future scenarios in your business, seizing opportunities for growth and evading threats of failure and/or financial loss. Remember that without a market or customer, you don’t have a business that’s why you also need a well-thought and well-executed game plan.

What is the most efficient way to leverage online marketing to attract the attention of decision makers?

Today, I will respond to a listener question from Clint at Academic Game Plan (www.academicgameplan.com).

 Academic Game Plan is already a successful program but Clint has identified a new market-Junior/Community Colleges.  He needs to know how to grab the attention of the decision makers at this level.


The fact that you already have a product or service that is going well is great because now you’re leveraging your success.

“Bolt-On Business”-taking a business that’s already successful and expanding it instead of going after a different product and/or market.

Junior colleges are a great market because they tend to be smaller so they really feel the impact of their student athletes succeeding or failing at a more direct level.

They also generally have less scholarships so they must sell parents and students on attending the school

                                                They are selling success-graduation rates and post- graduate employability

So, your job is to sell them ways to be successful.

You don’t get their attention by emails, phone calls and sending brochures and catalogs.  They get an overload of these and odds are the decision-makers already have plans and methods that they feel comfortable with.

Instead, you get there through influencers, you need to have “an internal champion”.

How do you get that?    WIIFM

WIIFM-What’s In It For Me?

To get someone on your side, you need to show them how THEY are going to get something they want.

What do most junior college coaches want?  They want the next level-the bigger college with more funding and bigger exposure

                                How does a Junior College coach get to that next level?

By winning on and off the field and looking good doing it.

One way to do this is to get certified as being an expert.

How to Start a Certification Program

Create a certification program.  Anthony has created certification programs based on 1-2 hour webinars with 20 questions.

If a client passes with minimum 80% score, you send them a certificate and a t-shirt.

Send the certification via email and the T-Shirt via regular mail.  This way you now have their correct email and mailing addresses.

 The certificate in their office and the t-shirt are “billboards” for you-free marketing!

And, coaches that move on to a bigger school will take your message with them, which is exposing you to a bigger market-MORE free marketing!

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