Episode #55 Implement and Refine


Many people spend their whole life aspiring for something great to happen. Most of their time is done planning, only to find out the when the time has finally come to put the plan in action they have lost all opportunities. You can’t spend your whole life expecting great things to happen, you simply have to Implement and Refine – Burn all the bridges, burn all the boats – Be fully committed. Completed is the new perfect.

How long is too long when you’re developing a product release?

So many people talk about their new projects and want to perfect them before releasing them.

Really, you need to “Just Do It”.

“Implement and Refine” is the process of developing the product and then refining it after release.

If you plan and plan incessantly, read for months, watch webinars for months, nothing gets accomplished.


“Burn Your Bridges”

“Burning your Bridges” means leaving yourself no options, forcing yourself to act.

One of Anthony’s favorite speakers is Russell Brunson (www.russellbrunson.com).

They are both huge wrestling fans.   Knowing this, and knowing that he had taken about 2 years too long in releasing his podcast, Anthony sent a box of wrestling gear to Russell, enclosing a short note with a link to his podcast.

He didn’t have the podcast published yet!! He knew he was taking a huge risk in looking “stupid” in front of one of his peers if the podcast wasn’t up and working by the time Russell got the package.

This forced him to get the podcast online.  Was it perfect?  NO.

But, it will never be perfect.  It will always be a work in progress, he will always be learning,  there will always be new developments and there will always be ideas that he can implement to improve and change it. But, now, he has it online and he’s getting more comfortable by the day and he has a way to reach his audience.

Additionally, you want to make sure that your product is successful before you invest a wealth of time “getting it perfect”.

The marketplace will tell you what it wants and you can always improve your product.  If you don’t launch, you will never know.


A Final Thought

Get Russell Brunson’s Book, DotCom Secrets at http://dotcomsecrets.com/welcome.

You can implement all the marketing that Russell talks about in his book in your “offline” businesses as well—so much of the corporate world hasn’t caught up yet to the successful marketing strategies people use online.  You’ll look like a marketing genius!

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