Episode #59 59 Ways To Make Money From Home In Under 15 Minutes


Title:    59 Ways to Make Money from Home – Episode #59

Date:   June 20, 2015

Anthony’s doing a little something fun today with Episode 59 and giving YOU 59 Ways You Can Make Money From Home

With your Website

  1. Running Pay Per Click Ads (google.com/adsense)
  2. Pay Per View Advertising (you get paid for how many times the ad is viewed) (tribalfusion.com)
  3. Pay for Action ads (they don’t pay unless someone goes to the ad and takes a specific action)
    1. Click Booth (clickbooth.com)
    2. CPA Way (cpaway.com)
  4. Affiliate Networks
    1. Amazon (amazon.com)
    2. Commission Junction (cj.com)
    3. Ebay (ebay.com)
    4. Click Bank (clickbank.com)
    5. Warrior Plus (warriorplus.com)
  5. Direct Affiliates-this can be any company that offers an affiliate program direct to their service or product. For example, your web hosting service. Here are just a few examples but there are thousands of companies out there wiling to have affiliates.
    1. Host Gator (hostgator.com)
    2. Name Cheap (namecheap.com)
    3. Wish List Member (member.wishlistproducts.com)
  6. Sell Ad Space directly on your site (buysellads.com)
  7. Sell Your Own Products (i.e. create digital products like e-books, video training courses, etc.)
  8. Sell Text Links-articles that you write but get paid to include certain links in them.
  9. Ask for Donations-most often used with 501c3 organizations but many companies that provide free software ask for them as well.
  10. Sell Your Website after you have it successful and it has a lot of traffic
  11. Create several niche websites and sell those (flippa.com)

Keep Reading for Non-Website Options….

Non-Website Options

  1. Affiliate marketing on Facebook or other social media platforms
  2. Sell Old Books (bookscounter.com)
  3. Get discounts and money back just for shopping online (ebates.com)
    1. This works because many companies pay E-Bates to promote them.
  4. View Text Ads on your phone (freeeats.com)
  5. Create, promote and sell your custom-designed T-Shirts (teespring.com)
  6. Sell any services on Fiverr, including audio/visual, editing, writing, voiceover, etc. (fiverr.com)
  7. Sell crafts and trinkets (etsy.com)
  8. Sell old clothes (platoscloset.com)
  9. Get paid to try new products (cashcrate.com)
  10. Get paid to host dinners (eatwith.com)
  11. Rent out your car (relayrides.com)
  12. Rent out your driveway or garage (works well if you live near attractions and events) (justpark.com)
  13. Rent out a room in your home
  14. Get paid to listen to music (slicethepie.com)
  15. Get paid for being a friend (rentafriend.com)
  16. Drive people around/taxi service (uber.com and www.lift.com)
  17. Teaching and tutoring anything-languages, math, gardening, etc.
  18. Earn cash for scanning your receipts (companies use that data for analytics)
  19. Have an Online Store presence on Amazon or Ebay
  20. Become a Field Agent-going to businesses and scanning bar codes and taking photos and/or conducting surveys on behalf of a company
  21. Do Craigslist odd jobs, like helping people move.
  22. Get paid to take surveys (surveyspot.com)
  23. Get paid to write or give product reviews
  24. Freelancing (you can freelance most anything but specifically there are opportunities with writing, ghostwriting, editing, etc).
  25. Become a Virtual Assistant-help people with “office tasks” such as making their calls, cleaning up their email in-box, etc.
  26. Write and sell articles
  27. Drop-Shipping-this is where you market a product and once a customer purchases, the product’s manufacturer ships it straight to them. You keep no on-hand inventory.
  28. Sell your photos
  29. Sell your music


  1. Teaching people online a specific course.
    1. Udemy (udemy.com)
    2. SkillFeed (skillfeed.com)
    3. SkillShare (skillshare.com)
  2. Be a Beta Tester for services and websites
  3. Write product reviews
  4. Take pictures of yourself in various locations (some companies will pay for photos taken in front of their businesses or their equipment)

Doin’ It “Old School”

  1. Babysit
  2. Mow Lawns
  3. Recycle old electronics (gazelle.com)
  4. Have your own garage sales
  5. Be an Estate Sale”Leftovers” pickup service
  6. Selling old movies and games
  7. Offer Typing Services
  8. Become a Mystery Shopper
  9. Take physical surveys over your phone from companies

There are literally more than a million and one ways of making money from your home. From online advertising to blogging, to even renting your car to some other weird stuff  you might or not might want to try but actually make bigger bucks than your current day job. Listen and awaken your entrepreneurial spirit.

If you have a question for Anthony, head over to www.anthonyflatt.com and leave him a voice mail message to have a chance to have your question featured on this show.

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