Episode #65 Skype Marketing – Part 1 or 4


Title:    Skype Marketing – Part 1 of 4 Episode #65

Date:   June 26, 2015

Finding an effective way to communicate with others is at the heart of almost all success in marketing.

We’re breaking down the barriers to communication.

In just a little over 100 years, we have gone from a fairly difficult way to communicate (the telegraph) to something so easy and fast it’s like the person is standing right in front of you.

Many of us have developed our “go to ways” of communication, such as e-mail newsletters, Facebook posts, etc., but there’s also a huge advantage in using Skype.

Most people know Skype as a way to instant message and make long distance calls via the computer.

But there are so many more ways you can use it.

You should consider adding Skype as another social media tool as it’s growing every day almost 150K new users per day.

When you look at social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter are shotgun marketing platforms where you take one message and blast it out to a bunch of people.

Skype is more sniper marketing.  You take a single message and send it out to an individual or a specific group.  It is highly targeted.

Why It Makes Sense For You To Start “Skype-ing.”

As a business communications tool, Skype makes a lot of sense.

It is not only a free or low-cost alternative for your traditional carrier, but it gives you more capabilities than a traditional phone.

As a collaborative tool, it can also be used to have conferences, hold webinars, etc. Like any other presentation platform.

It can be used for coaching, with your one-on-one clients as well as group discussion sessions.

Skype has the capability to open, view and share files while you’re in the session as well.

This is a pretty neat feature for business meetings where two people can be at opposite ends of the country and review a document or video together and discuss it.

From a privacy perspective, Skype gives you the ability to keep yourself private.

You only share your Skype ID with the people you want to have your information and it is more difficult for people to get your information, more so than it is on other social media sites.

Practical Ways To Use Skype Every Day

You can use Skype daily to communicate with co-workers, customers, via text or call.

You can send a message to someone via Skype, and if they are available you just click one button and you’re on a call with them.   This is a whole lot more expedient than associates calling each other back and forth and leaving multiple voice mails.

You can use it daily to work with vendors, outsource workers, and freelancers.

In the age of the internet, you can contract with someone clear across the world to have work done.  How much easier is it to connect with them on Skype than by traditional phone?  And, it allows you and them to review files in progress.

Skype As A Networking Tool.

At one point in time, if you wanted to network with peers or possible clients, you’d need to stop what you were doing, drive to a breakfast/coffee meeting, attend a conference, etc.

It takes up a significant amount of time and possibly money.

Then, you had to hope that the particular person you wanted to meet with actually showed up and had time to talk to you.

In the long run, you’d have to attend quite a few of these functions to really build a circle.

Instead, now using  Skype, you can business network in minutes with not just one or two people but as many people as you want to reach out to.

Often, if you visit other social media sites of the people you’re interested in meeting, you will see a Skype address listed.

If you don’t see it, you can search name and location in Skype. Then, you just shoot them a message, and they will approve or not approve you being able to connect with them.

Less than 1% of the people Anthony has ever reached out to have denied a connection with him.

Anthony reaches out to a lot of people, especially those who are influencers in the market that he’s in.

If he were to have sent an email, it will probably never get to them but go to a spam folder instead or go to an admin who will issue a “canned” reply.

Their admin is probably not running Skype for them. You have a better chance of reaching your target directly.

Anthony calls this “guru stalking”.   He has a goal of maybe 100 people he wants to make a connection with, and he does it via Skype more than any other method.


Stay Tuned for Parts 2, 3 and 4 for more extensive and valuable Skype Marketing Tips and Strategies….


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