Episode #66 Skype Marketing – Part 2 of 4


Title:    Skype Marketing Part 2 of 4 – Episode #66

Date:   June 27, 2015

An In-Depth Look at “Guru-Stalking”

How Connecting with Skype Can Be Beneficial

Being able to find and connect with influential people in your industry is a very powerful tool to have.

You can connect with your competitors’ customers

You can connect with other industry professionals that can help you grow your business

You can connect with professionals you can partner with now or in the future.

What IS Guru-Stalking?

No, it’s not actually stalking them and showing up at their home uninvited!

What you’re doing is finding out who they are in the industry.

Where do they go online?

What are they interested in?

Even if it’s not industry-specific, you can still use this information if you have a commonality.  Maybe both of your children play soccer?

What are they doing?

Are they putting on seminars? Are they starting a coaching program?

The Guru’s Sphere Of Influence a/k/a “Junior Gurus”

Frequently, leaders in any industry may be too busy to talk to you directly, especially if they do not know you yet.

But, what about the junior levels staff and support around them?

These people tend to be more open to have that communication with you as they are frequently for additional clients and business relationships themselves.

So, you start to form a relationship with them to get that leverage that will eventually get you into that inner circle.

You can also start building relationships with “friends” and “friends of friends”.

You’re not going to be able to reach an industry leader like Russell Brunson or Frank Kearn right away, but they have a lot of fans of theirs that have openly endorsed them that are friends with them.

Start building your relationships with these more accessible people.

Finding them is not hard but when you initially reach out, they’re going to be just as reluctant to be open to you as the senior gurus. They are used to people “using” them.

Do good and nice things for them.

Examples are:  following them on Facebook, commenting on their posts, commenting on their blogs, sending positive responses on advertisements, giving them free testimonials of their product(s).

Provide them with a lot of value and don’t ask for anything in return.

Build up goodwill so they have a positive base of knowledge of who you are.

Do this honestly because if you don’t it will be obvious and it will be disingenuous

A Real Life Example from Anthony

He’s been “stalking” Russell for about 10 years.  He’s been cultivating a friendship with Russell for the last 5 or 6 years.

They are both wrestling nuts.  He took some wrestling gear to him at a conference because he knew that Russell had a practice facility near his office.  He gave it to the hotel concierge to give to him.

During the conference, Russell called out Anthony and thanked him personally for his bag of gear and told the audience that’s a great way to start trying to build a relationship.

Anthony has developed a good relationship with Russell and does not abuse that relationship.

He doesn’t ask him to promote things that are not a major benefit to him.

He really just tries to promote Russell’s products and learn from what he is doing.  He goes to his webinars, buys a lot of his products, goes to his conferences, etc.

The key is in developing these relationships, not abusing them.


Why Do You Want To “Stalk” Gurus?

You are using this person as a model.

Following them and learning from them is very valuable.

Studying their processes is just as important as studying their products.

Knowing WHY they are successful is more important than just that they are successful.


Closing Thought

Guru-Stalking is not exclusive to Skype he just uses it more than anything else because it’s more effective.




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