Episode #67 Skype Marketing – Part 3 of 4


Title:    Skype Marketing Part 3 of 4 – Episode #67

Date:   June 28, 2015

Using Skype Messaging and Groups to market and promote your business

Research Individuals and Companies That Can Help You Promote and Grow Your Business

These are people who can:

Sell your products for you

Open up distribution channels for you

Become affiliates for you and vice versa

Become future Joint Venture partners

Once you’ve done your research on them and find they would be a good fit, then connect with them on Skype and start building that relationship.

Flattery goes a long way.

Compliment them and their products/services.

Go so far as to get on a call with them to talk about their business.  It’s all about them and their business.

When developing these relationships be sincere.

Once you’ve developed this on an ongoing and open basis,  only then is it okay to ask for anything.

Do not say “will you do xyz for me?“

Instead, ask them, “do you think it’s possible……?”

Otherwise, you’re really just asking them to add one more thing to what they’re already doing that doesn’t sound like it’s going to benefit them.

Messaging on Skype

Once you’ve established a relationship on Skype, it’s easy to invite them to a webinar, send them a message, etc.

You can send messages on other platforms but Skype is more one to one.

There’s also the added benefit that a lot of companies are blocking a lot of the social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, but they’re not blocking Skype.

You can also do group messaging texts in Skype.

Group messaging is just sending one text message to a large group of people.  They are particularly useful in planning future events, etc.

For example, if Anthony has a large event coming up, he puts all the volunteers for that event in a Skype Group.  Trying to organize an event with multiple tasks is NOT something you want to do in email.

This method gets so much done because you don’t have to call people back, or do the “call circles” to let everyone else know what one member is doing.  You also don’t have the situation where 1 task gets done by 2 people while another task gets done by no one, because Skype group messaging is real time so you always know what each group member is working on.

Skype Group Messaging As A Research Tool

Participating in Skype groups is valuable.

You can go into those messages and you can see “what’s happening” in your sphere.

You can also check message threads for certain words or phrases or email addresses or what one certain person is saying.

Your goal is to be interested in what the key people in those groups feel is important.

Also, if you’re trying to get the attention of a guru or a junior guru this is a good way to link up with them.  You can respond to important messages with valuable information and start building a rapport with them.

Skype messaging is live all of the time so there’s no time period on which you absolutely must be on a call, etc.  You get to them when you’re able to get to them.

Developing Your Own Skype Groups

It is a good way to grow your business and specifically your products.

You can invite key people to a pre-launch Skype group on how best to promote that product.  In your group,  you can add affiliates, key distributors, etc.

You can use Skype Groups to offer support to your customers.

You can invite all the purchasers of one of your products to a Skype Group  (as part of the purchase) and you get some conversation going.

It’s like a user’s group or a forum.

People can talk about how they’re using your product and how they’re having success with it.

It is a way to provide goodwill and keep building on your relationships with your customers.

If someone has a question, your support person can respond with an answer to the entire group even if it was just that one person asking.   It’s very informational.

You can have 100’s of people in a group.

You can use Skype for consulting or coaching.

You can create a private group for the one-to-one’s or small groups.

Also, the sessions can live forever so people who weren’t able to maybe make a specific time when you were live, can come back and view/listen later.

You can use Skype for interviews.

It’s generally easier than doing it by phone and you can also record it, which gives you the option of keeping that audio as future content for your blog, podcast, or other platform.

You can show people your screen as you’re talking with them.

Maybe you’re trying to instruct them on a piece of software.  Maybe you need to share a file with them.

And, It’s ALL free.


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