Episode #68 Skype Marketing – Part 4 of 4


Title:    Skype Marketing Part 4 of 4 – Episode #68

Date:   June 29, 2015

Profiting from Skype Groups

Creating a Skype Group where you have members engaging with multiple Business Gurus and Industry Leaders is very popular right now.

It opens the opportunity for direct interaction with Business Gurus and Industry Leaders and people who want to learn from them. You can sell a membership to the general Skype Group at a specific rate and then have a higher rate for a “Premium” Skype Group membership where the participation is at a higher level and more “one on one”.

Why This Works

Industry leaders don’t have to run the group alone.  You can get a few together in a Q & A format.

The responsibilities are shared by the leaders and none of them have to sit by a computer all day answering questions.  It can be a scheduled time that they get in the group and the rest of the time the group can function on its own.

As you’re adding more and more people to the groups, you will get some that are very well-informed and they will start answering the questions themselves for the other participants.

You can get all different aspects and perspectives in one group.

Maybe you have an SEO expert, an offline marketer, a webinar expert, a social media marketing expert…

There is a lot of collective and collaborative opportunity in having a group.

The overall value can grow quickly.

Nesting or Hierarchy

This is where you start with a group that has free access for customers.

Over time, you will notice that some of them are the really active members who are responding to questions, who are implementing what is being talked about, etc.  They are interactive and participatory.

Reach out to these people and invite them to a paid one which is more advanced, but invite them for free.

This plants valuable people into your paid group.

You can do this in tiers. You could have a free group, a $7/mo. group, and $27/month group.   Each one is more advanced and specific.   You could go all the way to a high-level coaching group, say $97/month.


Specialty Groups

You can also make specialty groups for particular niches.  For example, Forex investing.

Or, for specific purposes.

You can make one specifically for your sales channel members if you don’t mind them knowing about/conversing with each other.   You could include your affiliates and resellers in this group.


Closing Thoughts

Serve your gurus first before asking anything of them and then only if it is going to benefit them as well.

Be careful not to create too many groups because you need to be participating at least every couple days.

If you’re not, members will notice and they could all leave and form another group.

Long gone are the days of sending an email and waiting days for a reply.

Being able to leverage Skype and the relationships you cultivate on there has immense business implications and potential.


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