Episode #69 Questions To Ask Before Writing Your eBook


Title:    Questions To Ask Before Writing Your E-book – Episode #69

Date:   June 30, 2015

Nine key questions to help you better define what you want your e-book to be             

What Is The Overall Objective Or Goal Of Your E-book?

Are you trying to establish yourself as an authority?

Are you trying to sell your target audience on your expertise on a particular subject?

Are you trying to build your email list?

Do you plan to use your e-book as a freebie, special or bonus feature?

Or, are just trying to sell as many as possible to make as much money as you can?

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Make this is narrow as possible, developing an avatar for the perfect customer.  Narrow this down all the way down to one specific person.

Are you targeting newbie internet marketers?

Brick and mortar business owners?

Stay at home moms?

Established business owners that want to go to the next level?

Someone with an online business expanding to offline or vice versa?

What Value Do You Want To Provide To Your Reader? 

Write down exactly what you’re planning to teach them and be as specific as possible.

Do you plan to teach them the basics of the internet?

Teach them a new business model?

Teach them how to create a product?

How to generate more traffic?

SEO and social media tips, tricks, and techniques?


What Level Of Detail Are You Going To Be Going Into?

Is this going to be an overview?

A theory?

A step-by-step manual?

An “I’ll show you how I did it?”

A case study?

What Is The Tone Of Your Book?

You need to keep in mind that your tone needs to match your target audience.  If you are writing in a very formal, corporate style, you are not going to reach the young college-age entrepreneur or the stay-at-home mom.

Corporate style?

Ultra-professional style?



What Perspective Are You Writing It From?

The corporate success story?

The rags to riches story?

The struggling entrepreneur that has just had a major breakthrough?

What Type Of person Are You And What Type Of Personality Are You Trying To Portray?

The content that you cover is very important, but the personality is just as important.

If it is “just the facts”, just a long list of fact after fact, and no relatable personality, you are going to make it difficult for your reader to be interested.  People want to be invested, and they love a story.

Have You Sat Down And Developed An Outline Of Key Points?

After you have determined your subject matter,  you want to sit down and spell it out.

Get your 3-5 main subjects down on paper and for each of these you want to have 3-5  sub-subjects under each of those.

If you can go into that level of detail in your outline, then writing your book is going to be a lot easier.

Then, all you have to do is write a paragraph or two about each sub-subject and then summarize everything in your main subject.

That outline alone, before you add in any story, anecdote or “extra value” (see below) will probably cover a 25 to 50-page e-book.

What Other Things Can You Put In Your E-book To Make It Stand Out?

What additional value can you add for your readers?

Do you include famous quotes every page or so that relate back to the content that you’re talking about?

Do you offer questions for your reader to ponder in each subject area?

Do you include additional resources and references?

Are there other additional resources you can provide in the way of checklists, guides, outlines, links, etc. that are complementary to your subject?

Closing Thoughts

You want to make sure you’re tying your e-book into everything else that you’re doing.

For example, if you’re writing this on one subject, but you do personal coaching on another subject, find a way to tie in your personal coaching to this book as well.   You can reference it throughout the book or include a link to it at the end of the book.

Always try to have a “Call to Action” at the end of the book as well.

Keep the reader engaged in continuing to work with you.

Send them back to your blog site, your podcast, one of your product pages, so that you have the opportunity to continue building that relationship with your reader.


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