Episode #71 Homemade Business 1 of 3


Title:    Homemade Business Part 1 of 3-Episode 71

Date:   July 2, 2015

There’s never been a better time to start a home-based business

More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of work- life balance and realize that there are significant challenges to continuing to work in a traditional office environment.

Consider some of these challenges:

The dreaded 2-way commute

The hours typically aren’t flexible

The boring, repetitious routines most offices have

The limited amount of vacation time allowed

Not to mention the fact that you are constantly working to make someone else’s hopes and dreams come true.

The Advantages Of Technology

Technology has made it possible for us to create our own businesses and eliminate these challenges and make a profitable income.   The internet has made it possible for us to do virtually anything from home.

You can run an online or offline business and sell virtually any product/service that  you desire.

The digital age has revolutionized and changed the way we work.

Smartphones- Scheduling meetings and staying in touch with customers easily.

Email-easily stay in touch with customers, sometimes 100’s of them at one time.

Social media is booming and it’s a portal to promote your products and services.

Skype-allows you to teleconference “in person” remotely.

Webinars-allows you to teach and present material virtually.

Restrictions on the time, ability, and cost to make physical printed material is no longer keeping you down.

The Glass Ceiling Effect

Before you run out and loudly announce your home-business to the world, consider that you will encounter the Glass Ceiling, a phenomenon that is in fact very real.

The Glass Ceiling refers to how people perceive you in different circumstances and how they gather a mental image of you and it is solely based on what they’ve known you to be up to this point.

It’s often hard to break.  How people build their perspectives of you is going to take hard work to change.

It can be the hardest with the people that are closest to you and it will probably take some real success stories from your side to support them changing their view, especially if you’ve had any failed attempts in your past.

There are also people close to you who will bring you down because they simply don’t want to see you have more success than they do.

In other words, your current circle of influence will probably not jump on board with your new endeavor and a good idea is to not bombard your friends and family until you’ve had success. Eventually, the non-believers will come around.

Instead, the key is to get around people who have had success in what you want to do.

Take notes and learn from them. Be inspired by them.

Be Ready To Jump In and Implement

Make sure you have a product before you start marketing it.

Phase 1 -Get your trial product out there.   Get some initial feedback.

Phase 2 – Take that feedback, tweak your product, make it better, and then really launch your marketing campaign.

Phase 3-Take that feedback and implement that into the next version, an upgrade or expanded version.

If you want to know if something works, then do your research, run some tests and then if they’re successful, be prepared to quickly implement your product.

If you do all your research and market tests and then wait a year to put out a product, you’ve already lost out.

If you wait that long, your techniques might not even be relevant anymore.

Technology means that things are rapidly changing from day to day.  What’s good today could be “old news” in a year.


Implement AND then refine and improve after release.

You want to be able to get the product out and see how customers receive it and get feedback.

A lot of people get stuck in “Paralysis by Analysis”

Don’t spend all your time thinking and planning and analyzing.

It does you no good to plan your  office layout if you haven’t made any money yet.

The truth is, you’ll never have all the answers .   The questions are always changing!

Simply, do what you’re good at and provide a valuable service or product to your customer.

Outsource and hire others to do the stuff you’re not good at  (i.e. graphic design, audio editing, etc.)

Don’t spend your time developing something that is totally new and unique.

Almost every new invention is the byproduct of something else.

There’s a reason why certain products are successful and others are not.  Learn from that.  Put your own spin on it to make it “yours” and differentiate it from the masses but if it’s too unique and no one else is doing it, it’s likely the market isn’t interested in it or they’re not ready for it.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.

You’ll never know if something is going to be successful unless you try.

Keep your mind open when looking at how you’re taking something to market.

Because there are times when people go to sell one product but they end up being successful at selling something different.

Don’t get stuck on the original idea.

Sell the customer what they want to buy NOT what you want them to buy.

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