Episode #74 Homemade Business 3 of 3


Title:    Home Business Part 3 of 3 – Episode #74

Date:   July 5, 2015

Some tips to maximize your success that are applicable to all business types and niches

‘Upgrade’ Yourself and Become An Expert

Always continue to upgrade your talents and capabilities.

Always get in and around the people that are successful that you can learn from.

You are never too old to learn a new skill so always be open to the opportunity.

Surround yourself with other successful people  You need to be the least experienced, lowest paid person in your circle of influence.

If you’re the most advanced, then how are you going to learn and grow?

Strive to become the expert in your niche and then continually market your expertise.

Being really good at something doesn’t bring you a lot of value unless you can get it out “out there” and show people that you ARE that expert in that particular market.

The way to do this is not to brag.

It’s by constantly putting your information out there, joining forums and commenting, regularly putting things out in social media, putting out books and audio/video programs on your area of expertise.

Make sure you’re marketing yourself like your marketing your products.

Be Organized and Have a Clear Plan

Be sure to structure and organize your time so where you’re delivering the best content in the least amount of time.

Your customer will get the most value for their time.

Take your ideas and concepts and write them down and analyze them. Figure out the pro’s and con’s and weigh it all up and determine what creates the greatest value for your customer.

A clear plan will help you as you grow your business so that you can find those extra hours to invest your time in yourself, your family, your community, or other projects.

Don’t be afraid to imagine the exciting future that lays ahead but don’t spend all your time daydreaming.

Dreaming without action is just wishful thinking.

Set your goals and strive to achieve them.

If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it so make sure you know exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish and then celebrate those accomplishments along the way.

Whenever possible, have a written game plan with both long and short term goals.

The more details you have the more likely it is to be able to execute that plan.

Being able to execute those “little” details is one of the keys to success.

The ‘Paycheck’

Always pay yourself first.

Too many businesses invest 100 %, never realize a profit, and keep hoping to turn that corner at some point.

The sooner you’re able to pay yourself, the sooner your business becomes real.

Being able to go out to dinner with your family or buy something for your business are very exciting ways to celebrate your successes.

Don’t waste the opportunity to pay yourself first and then progress to the next step.

Never celebrating your successes or enjoying the profits of your success is going to make it very difficult to keep being passionate about your business.

Take Your Business Seriously

Treat your business LIKE a business.

Take personal control over the finances and treat it like a real business.

Treat it as if the business IS your employer.

Are you making the company money?

If the business is not making profit, it’s not really a company at all.  It’s really just a hobby.

Don’t be afraid to make your products and services profitable.

You don’t have to be one out there selling at the lowest price possible.  Oftentimes, the lowest price means the lowest quality.

You want to make sure you’re out there selling your products at a reasonable price and delivering value.

Always try to under-promise and over-deliver.

Use the 10x principle.  Deliver 10 times the value of the asking price.

If you can do that your customers will be very happy.

Be Persistent and Consistent

Building the greatest product that ever was, getting customers for that product and then disappearing for 6 months while you go work on the next product is going to kill your business.

You can’t build a product and then disappear and expect to keep your customer base.

Once you have a product out there, you need to continue to work that product and that customer base and constantly evolve that product and that relationship with your customers.

Never ever quit.

Once you quit, that’s hard habit to break.

Success is just getting up one more time then you got knocked down.

Grow Your Passions

If you’re passionate about it, then that will come through.

Continue to find a way to develop your passion within your core business.

If you go into a market or niche that you have no interest in or are passionate about, that will show.

If you hate doing something, your chances of success are very low.

Initially, you may not be very aware of how you can make a profit from your passion.

Once you do have it, stick with it and continue to develop it.

That passion is what it’s going to take to turn your dreams into reality.


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Acknowledge that the glass ceiling is real and don’t take it personally.

Act now and don’t wait until you have all the answers.  You never will.  The right time is now.

Figure out how you’re going to structure your business.

What products and services are you going to sell? How much are you willing to invest?

What do you need to get in return for that investment?

Don’t try to do everything.  Focus on one thing and complete it.  Complete is the new perfect.

Take time to research and determine your target market.

Once you’ve found it, learn everything you can about it.

Really solidify in your mind exactly who that target market is and what would YOU want if you were that customer?

Constantly be asking yourself, “How can I create more value for the customer?”

Once you have put together your product and/or service, market it.

“If you’re not getting at least one complaint a day, you’re not marketing hard enough”.

Don’t underestimate the need to constantly tell people your message about your products and about you.

We live in a very busy world where people are bombarded so for your message to stand out, they’re going to need to hear it again and again and again.

Don’t think because you know and understand your message that everyone else does.

Don’t think that just because your best friends asks you to stop sending so many emails that that is the way the entire market is.

Forget about the fear of failure.

If you worry about everything, you’ll never do anything.

Just do it.  If it doesn’t work, find out why and use that feedback for improvement.

Most of the best products and services come when you push yourself out of your comfort zone and something scares the heck out of you.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy.  I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it”                    

(Art Williams)

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