Episode #75 Inside Anthonys Business


Title:    Inside Anthony’s Business – Episode #75

Date:   July 6, 2015

Some Insight into Anthony’s business and the podcast

When Anthony first started this podcast, he committed to doing 100 episodes before deciding if it was worth it and if he’d continue doing it.

It is worth it and he’s not going to stop doing it.

In fact, he has plans to launch 2 more podcast series within the next 3-6 months.

There is a lot of value that he gets just by being able to get his ideas out there.

Many of the podcast episodes are made regarding things he’s doing in his business that he doesn’t necessarily have time to sit back and think about.

The episodes give him the opportunity to reflect on those things.

His Insights Concerning Business In General

He has probably tried just about everything from direct mail to multi-level marketing to working for some of the biggest corporations in the world, from working for start-ups to running his own start-up, from being in partnerships to being a solo-preneur.

Most of them have worked out in one way or another.  Some of have them have been great, some mediocre and there have been a few failures.

What he finds interesting is that his customers and those who like his products and services in any particular market don’t end up being exactly who he thought they were going to be.

Sometimes he thinks the people who need his products and services the most are those that are hardest to sell to and the most difficult to engage with.

Why is that?

Maybe he’s not targeting the low hanging fruit, i.e. the easy sale.

And, for those closest to him who have been around him for a long time,  maybe he has provided them free consulting or solved some problems for them,  perhaps that’s why they don’t buy.

But, sometimes they don’t respond to the free stuff either.

It’s kind of like the beach.  If you live on the beach, you probably don’t spend a lot of time actually on the beach. When you have to drive there, you spend every moment you can on the beach. You don’t bother with it if you live there because it’s always there, always available, and you know you can go at any time.

On the flip side, he also finds it interesting how much of his business is international.

This is from people who don’t know him from outside of his websites, products/services and this podcast.

39% of his listeners are from the U.S.   That means 61% are from OUTSIDE the U.S.

This should be a lesson to anyone with a business who predominately does U.S.-based business not to ignore the rest of the world.

There’s a big market out there.  There’s a worldwide community out there.  There’s no reason to restrict yourself to just the U.S.

And, actually, the U.S. can be a tougher market.

There are so many people selling here, that Americans are desensitized to the idea of buying business services and tools.  They feel that they can do it themselves or buy a paperback book or magazine and figure it out on their own.

Americans have a mentality of why should I pay you when I can get it free someplace else?

That’s unfortunate b/c there’s a lot of good information out there.  There are a lot of shortcuts out there that are beneficial to learn.

There’s 2 ways of doing things.

Trial and error but you end up paying for that with time and money.

OR, you pay someone who has already been through that process and can help you expedite your situation. They help you past pitfalls and accelerate your business. You spend less in the long run.

On Partnerships

He enjoys these because he enjoys bouncing ideas off of people, collaborating and each party using their strengths on different aspects of the project.

But, what’s interesting is that over the last couple of years, the number of partnerships he has with people in the same geographic area is becoming less and less.


Many more of his partners and partnerships are becoming international as well.

He’s not sure why this is because he’s not actively seeking partnerships close or far from home either way.

He’s looking for partnerships with people like him who want to build great products and who will work hard and want to have fun doing it.

A lot of people will say they want to have partnerships with him and seek him out but they don’t end up actually doing anything.

So he waits until the right ones come along.  Opportunities come along pretty frequently and the right ones will last and the wrong ones will go away.

When talking about partnerships and businesses, it’s not about going out and putting down millions, doing the legal work, renting offices, having stock options, etc.,

He’s done all that.  Today, he likes to run the smaller businesses and he likes outsourcing what he can.


            He struggled with the concept of outsourcing.

He was concerned about having to micromanage outsourced tasks to make sure they would get done.

The whole idea is to free up more time, not have to manage even more tasks.

Over time, he’s developed his skills in ascertaining who the right freelancers for him are.

He manages most of them remotely and through using Skype and it’s not something he has to do daily.   (please see Anthony’s series on Skype marketing at Episodes 65-68)

                So, what projects is Anthony personally “hands-on” with?

Recording this podcast.

His training course on Udemy

Continuing to develop new training courses and e-books

Planning to do more personal coaching

Running Podcast Bootcamp and Offline Webinar Formula

Working on expanding his program, Accelerated Product Creation, that he created with Christopher Waddell

Continual Development and Implementation

Why is he always looking for new things and developing new products?

It’s largely because our business world is evolving all the time.

What worked last month or last year won’t necessarily work this year or the next, so you always want to be thinking ahead.

The goal is to hopefully bolt your new developments onto your existing products and services, not change completely.  It’s more about finding new ways to expand your business.

There’s also a lot to learn in all of these businesses

Each opportunity gives him a different perspective.

2015 has been his year of creation

He’s launched more products this year than he ever has before.

He has improved more products this year than he ever has before

And, this is only going to continue

He wakes up every day saying “What can I implement today?”

His focus is on implementing and making every one of his products more profitable.

If you have a question for Anthony, head over to www.anthonyflatt.com and leave him a voicemail message to have a chance to have your question featured on this show.

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