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Creating high-value content that’s direct to the point and entertaining is one thing but getting people to listen, attend and participate is another. The easiest way to get people to listen to your webinar is to offer it for free. Even if you think that your content is worth  a big amount of money, the more important thing is building that relationship that will reap long-term rewards.

Finding your audience

Creating a webinar that contains highly valuable content that is presented in a direct  and entertaining way is one thing but getting people to attend and participate is another.

Tips For Finding Your Audience

Offer it for free even if you think it’s worth a lot of money.

It will reap long term rewards down the line

When word of mouth spreads and it begins to build, you can consider a paid version.

When you do it for free, you’ll have to encounter skepticism b/c people will think it’s valueless as well as being a sales pitch.

A way to counter-act this is to talk to some existing contacts and tell them you’re offering it for free to get some feedback.

After they attend, send out comment cards looking for suggestions and comments.  Ask if you can use their bad comments to make improvements and their good comments for testimonials.

Even though it’s free, you’re still going to have to be the salesperson for it.   When you approach people, let them know how valuable the content is and emphasize that it is not a sales pitch.

Ask them if they would be willing to spend part of their lunch hour learning how to (insert your topic here) for free.

As you create the sales pitches for your online webinar, always keep in mind that the customer is going to be constantly thinking, “what’s in it for me?”  (what Anthony calls Radio Station WIIFM)

Predetermine what your customer will want to take away from your offline webinar.   It may be necessary to sell the same content in different ways to different audiences, depending on what their particular needs are.

Once you’ve convinced your customer to tune into WIIFM you will see your responses to the webinar invitations begin to grow.

Ethical Bribes

There’s always ways to sweeten the pot a little.

Bribes don’t have to be a dirty word-there’s  a difference between being unethical and incentivizing people to do something they want to do anyway.

In order to get people to participate, it’s sometimes necessary to offer them an ethical bribe.

These are physical or digital low-cost items that can get people who are on the fence to participate.

Examples are: e-books, downloadable videos, free reports, DVD’s, bumper stickers, notebooks, key chains and chances to win tickets to sporting events.

By necessity they need to be inexpensive items.

T-shirts are really a good choice:

Everyone loves getting free t-shirts.

They become walking billboards-your marketing goes ‘global’.

It’s easy to cover costs by inviting other businesses to include their logo for a small fee.  If you can get 3 or 4 of those, the t-shirts will be free for you to produce.

Once you’ve identified the ethical bribe you’re going to use, you now have another tool you can use to attract people to your webinar.

To get the maximum result in whatever incentive you choose to offer, you need to tie it to the participant COMPLETING the webinar

One of the best ways to do this is to tell the participants that in order to receive the incentive item, they have to enter their email address into a box at the END of the presentation.

This has the dual benefit of keeping them on the whole time PLUS capturing their email address, so then your webinar is doing double duty as a lead generator.

Could We Sweeten The Pot Even More?

Could you offer certifications in a particular skill if they complete the webinar?

People put value on these types of certifications

That’s why HR departments give out ‘diplomas’ for employees that complete training programs.

They will need to complete a short quiz at the end of the offline webinar

You can use Survey Monkey for this (www.surveymonkey.com).

There’s a free trial and then afterwards a small fee, but it’s a good investment because the website handles most of the administrative work of the quiz with very little input from you.

Do ‘multiple choice’ so you don’t have to read essays.

Send out a congratulatory email to those who passed the quiz and let them know their certification will be mailed out along with their t-shirt (and now you have a physical mailing address for them as well).

There are dozens of websites offering free certificate templates that you can edit and download easily and for more ideas you can go to www.freeprintablecertificates.net.

When your webinar becomes more and more popular, it may get to a point where keeping track of who gets the incentives (and certificates) can become an organizational nightmare.

2 ways to make it easier:

Make sure ethical bribes and certificates are all digital.

And, if you get popular enough, you’ll start realizing profits in your business and you’ll be able to start outsourcing your distribution.

Keep listening and reading at Episode 81 for more tips and techniques to keep your customers engaged and wanting more

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